Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stash Buster Challenge

My Stash

As with all knitters I have stash that needs using up all those odd amounts that will not make a project and those odd balls of yarn that were bought or given to you that you have no idea how to use.
So I have stash that needs using up and have decided to join two challenges.
One is on Sparkpeople in the Knit it up Team. They have a challenge for July we count the yardage we knit and do exercises during the week as well.
The other one is here Stash Buster 2013

I will be making an afghan  a nice simple pattern that I found Catch the wave Afghan
I am altering it so I can knit it in panels rather than one large piece. The reason is simple I can use up all the odd amounts of yarn I have if I make it in panels plus it will be easier to handle and I can knit it anywhere.

I can do this between making more baby blankets for the hospital that way I don't get fed up doing the same thing.

It is just for fun so why not join in and use up some of that stash you will be amazed at what you can make out of it.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Neonatal Unit Items

I took the items I had made to the Neonatal Unit today and they loved them. I was asked if I would be making more. I said I would be happy to and asked what they wanted.
The larger blanket I had made was perfect for the cots so they want more of them with the lace border.
The Angel Pockets are needed as well and the Teddies are also wanted.
 They like them in any pastel shade so Peach, Pink, Lemon, Green, Lilac and Blue are all fine to use.
So I will have plenty to play around with to make the blankets look pretty.

I want to add different trims to the Angel Pockets and found these

Picot Edge  Scalloped Edge

The Sands lace trim was a real hit with the unit so I will make more blankets with this trim.
Sands Baby Blanket

I thought it would be nice to make a stripped blanket maybe in a moss stitch and then add a trim to the blanket top and bottom only. I will have to experiment and see how it works out.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friendship Blanket

It has been a while since I posted anything here, I have been busy with all sorts of things but still knitting.
I have been collecting squares to make a Friendship blanket we swap 8 inch squares on Knitting Paradise forum.
Some squares are exactly 8 inches some are not, I have squares that are 7.5 inches to almost 9 inches but that is OK I can work with all of them.
I have added the extra inches so they are all the same size taking the largest square and going with that I alter the others to match.
I will make a knitted patchwork blanket by adding narrow strips between the larger square strips. So it will be large square strip narrow square strip until I have a blanket the size I want. The narrow square strip will be knitted in one long strip rather than separate squares.
I am using a decorative stitch to sew the squares together this link will show you what I am doing.
 Modular Squares

The end result will be a pretty and unique blanket.

You can see what I done so far and how I have added extra knitting to the various squares.
The picture on the right shows the gap that will need to be filled in. I am in the process of making the long strip of small squares to add to the side of this strip.
This is the strip of small squares that I will add to the blanket, it will be slow process but will be worth doing.
Between making this I will make some baby blankets and other items so I do not get fed up knitting squares all the time.