Monday, July 29, 2013

Stash Crochet experiment

I am trying to learn crochet on my own. I use YouTube and have learnt how to add edgings to things like my shawls, baby blankets, afghans and Angel pockets.
So I decided to have a go at making a wash cloth for myself. Nothing fancy just a simple wash cloth and came up with this.
It has not been blocked so looks a little wonky.

The pattern is a mix of Single crochet (SC)  and double crochet  (DC) I did a few SC rows with a few rows that have SC and DC in the same hole to make a little shell, I added them where I thought they would go and it turned out quite pretty. No idea how to write down what I did but I like the effect.

I added a shell edge by doing 1SC, 1DC and another SC all in the same hole. I then slip stitched into the next hole, chained 1 then repeated the shell pattern all the way around the wash cloth.

I used some cotton yarn that I had from a previous project  that was in my stash and used it all up. I added a white border as I have some white cotton yarn as well.
A 4mm hook was used mainly because I like the feel of this hook compared to some others I have.
To those that can crochet this is probably a little odd looking but I like it and it is for me no one else. I am well aware it is not good enough to give as a gift but we all have to start somewhere.
So crochet experiment completed and a little more stash used as well.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stash Buster Shawl/Lapghan

I wanted to make 2 shawls using some of my stash and came up with this for the second shawl.

This can be used as a shawl or a lapghan. I chose all the Orange and yellows I had and created a pattern for this project myself.
Fold it in half and use it as a stole, fold it so it is a sort of triangle and use it as traditional shawl or use it as an afghan for your lap.
 Now please remember I do nor crochet and this was my first attempt at Picot edging it adds that finishing touch and looks pretty and feminine.

This is a close up of the pattern so you can see the garter ridges.

Here is what I used:

DK yarn I used 2 different shades of Orange and two different shades of yellow

7mm needles I used straight needles

 CO 127 stitches using Light Orange ( or colour of your choice)

Begin with knitting 4 rows
Still using the same yarn continue as follows
K1 P1 across the row ending with K1
Repeat this row.
Change to Bright Orange but DO NOT CUT OFF the Light orange yarn
Knit across the row
Repeat this row

Now using the Light orange yarn K1 P1 across the row repeat this   row
Change to the Bright Orange and Knit 2 rows

Keep changing the colours until you have 6 ridges of Garter stitch in total ending with a Bright orange knit row
Change to Light Yellow and cut off the Light Orange yarn and K1 P1 across the row for 2 rows
Change to Bright Yellow and cut off Bright Orange yarn and Knit 2 rows
Continue changing the colours until you have 6 ridges of garter stitch and then swap back to the Light and Bright Orange yarn

Keep going until it is a large as you want and end with 4 rows of garter stitch and Bind off

What you are doing is creating a Seed stitch pattern with Garter ridges.

2 Rows Seed stitch
2 Rows Garter stitch

This can be done using one colour or as I did with four different colours or as many as you like.

I used a Picot Crochet edging to give it a soft feminine look I have added a video of how to do the edging.

Picot Crochet Edging

I wanted it to be multi- functional so that it will provide comfort for any one.
This will be given to the Hospital Cancer unit along with my other Stash Buster Shawl and the Teddy in the Bag.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stash Buster Shawl and a Teddy

So my Shawl is all done yes already and it is only 13th July.

I sorted out Orange, Purple, Lilac and variegated yarn that went with the other colours.
A simple pattern of cast on 3 Kfront and back of first stitch knit to the end of every row. All I was change colour every two rows to give the stripe, easy, I just kept going until the needle could not hold any anymore stitches and bound off.
Yarn was DK and needle size 6mm 40cm long, I don't get on well with cable needles I can easily twist the stitches and that is annoying.
Here is the edge of the shawl

Now before you say anything this is my very first Crochet edging in the Shell pattern. Not that hard in the end and remember I do not crochet. I can just about do an edging on something knitted but to crochet something means following a pattern and crochet patterns are so different from knitting patterns that I find them hard to work out. With practice I may be able to make something simple but knitting is thing.
Anyway the Shell pattern is easy to do I followed this Scalloped Edge
I was quite pleased with how it looked and it sets off the simple knit shawl nicely.

Now for the Teddy, I had started making an afghan strip before I decided to make the shawl, so not wanting to waste the knitting I had done I turned it into a bag. Have a look
 Each side is a different colour and the wave pattern looks interesting as it adds a new dimension to the usual stripes.

Now for the Teddy who is in the bag.
Kinda cute isn't he, a cuddly surprise in a bag. Now why did I do this? well not everyone who is has Cancer is an adult, children need comfort as well. Yes I know they have their own toys but sometimes a new toy that is there waiting for them is special as it can be taken into the treatment room with them. This little guy has his own bag so he can be stored away and taken out when he is needed.

My second shawl has been started and this time the pattern is my own.

My Prayer Shawl / Stole
I am using DK yarn and 9 mm needles.
I have cast on 127 stitches
First 6 rows are knit every row

Pattern rows
Row 1 and 2  K1, P1 across the row
Row 3 and 4 Knit

Repeat Rows 1-4 until the stole/shawl is the length you need then Knit 6 rows Bind off

I will be using orange and yet allow yarn so I will change colours on row 3. Changing colour every 2 rows makes the colour change easy. You can add a new colour easily on row 3 as well so the pattern will accommodate my stash. I will post a picture of the shawl as I knit it showing my progress.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Change of plan for the Stash Buster Challenge

Ok I have changed the knitting pattern for the Stash Buster Challenge. I am not making an afghan anymore I will be making a shawl.
Now why the change?
Well I made a shawl for my friend in Texas and she loved it and I have been asked to make another one or if possible two.They will be for people who are undergoing Cancer treatment and will be used as a Comfort Shawl.
So the yarn I have will be used for this rather than the afghan I was making, yes a comfort blanket is always nice but the shawl can be used at any time.
I called my last one Sunday Comfort Shawl as my friend likes to read newspapers on a Sunday and relax.
These shawls will be called Comfort Shawls as they will be used for comfort. The pattern is a little different as they want a fringe to be added to them so I am using the pattern below.

I am using this pattern Honest Warmth Shawl
I used it for my friends shawl with DK yarn and used up a lot of stash making it so I know it works. I use 6mm needles and keep going until the needle is full of stitches and cast off. I have 40mm long needles and cable needles so I can either last time I used the straight needles and filled the needle until I could not fit another stitch onto it.
Koni's Shawl

So the plan is make a shawl for someone who needs a little bit of comfort at at time that really hard for them in their life.