Friday, April 4, 2014

Lovely Blocks

Knitting blocks is fun especially when you have so many great patterns to pick from. I love the book and finding all sorts of blocks to make and learning new techniques as well.
This time I made these:

Block 2 Offset. I have never decreased in the middle before to make a square and found it a lot easier than it looks.

Block 3 Double Eyelets. I have not blocked this yet but eve so it still looks pretty, Lace designs are lovely to knit and add interest to blankets.

22 Plain Leaf. This was easier than I thought it would be and wondered how it would work out but know that I made it I will be making more.I love the way the leaf pops out it makes the block look extra special.

I make these between other projects as it keeps me interested and it means I can alternate between a larger project to smaller ones keeping everything fresh.

Scarf for the Seafarers Mission

I have sorted out all my yarn into bags and labeled them with things like, Scarves, Baby, Blocks, Smoothie Hats so that I know the yarns best suited for each project.
The Scarves bag has odd sized balls of yarn in various colours so will make lovely stripped scarves. The Blocks bag has larger balls of yarn and again in various colours that will make bright blocks the Baby bag has pastel shades and white yarn ready for blankets, hats and Angel pockets. The Smoothie Hat bag  has tiny amounts of yarn that would be perfect for the ting Innocent Smoothie hats.

So now that it is all sorted out I made a start on a scarf for the Seafarers Mission.
Seafarers Mission

They have patterns that can be printed off and a huge bonus a Free post address. With postage on the increase this is something I try to keep as low as possible.

What could be easier than a scarf that is Knit only great for TV watching all I had to do was change colours every two rows carrying the yarn up the side as I went so now my green and brown yarn is used up and it has made a lovely 50 inch long scarf. More will be made later and maybe a hat or two as well between making blocks and baby things.