Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Red Shawl/Lapghan

Okay so there was a change of plan the Old Shale stole is on hold, in fact unravelled . I got a message that someone needed a shawl that would not bee too big and could if possible be used as a lapghan as well. Something light but warm, tall order but not impossible.
Their favourite is Red, so I stopped knitting the Old Shale Stole ( good job I had not got that far with it) and unravelled what I had done.
I chose to go with the Prayer Shawl pattern of K3 P3 using 7mm needles so it would be soft and drape nicely.
I went with 114 stitches this meant every row started with a K3, much easier to keep track of.
By using 144 stitches on 7mm Needles and using DK yarn it meant the width is just over 36 inches so I knitted until I had a square then bound off.
I added a Shawl pin so that it can be easily fastened and stays put  the pin is made of wood so a nice natural touch to the shawl.
This is the result 
Shoulder  Prayer Shawl

Close up of the Shawl Pin

The shawl can be opened out and used as a lapghan or folded into a triangle to be worn as a shawl. Nice and simple but effective.
As for my Old Shale stole that can be made at a later date, I may even make myself a Shoulder Prayer Shawl/Lapghan from the yarn I have left over I rather like the look of it.
Next project a Cardigan.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Old Shale Stole

I tried the Lacy Shawl pattern and simply could not get on with it. I can do the pattern but every so often I lost count and had to unravel after 4 times I decided to give up on it and tried a different pattern but did not like the large holes it created in the lace pattern.
Personally I don't like large hole lace patterns and I don't like the drop stitch ones either many do like them but I don't so I had a think and decided to go with Old Shale again.
This time I chose a plain DK yarn and it is working out really nicely.

I love deep red so went with that and it seems to show up the pattern really well I have a large 500g ball so hopefully that will be large enough to create a stole long enough for me.

Yes that is the same yarn and the same needle with the Old Shale pattern both pictures taken on the same day in the same place, weird how the camera distorts colours.

My pattern is this

CO 114 sts on 4mm needles  ( this is 18+6)

Row 1  Knit across the row

Row 2  K3 Purl across to last 3 stitches K3

Row 3   K3, * K2 tog  3 times, (YO, K1) 6 times, K2 tog 3times Repeat from * end with K3

Row 4 Knit across row

Repeat these 4 rows until you have the length you want BO on Row 1

Some people call it Feather and Fan but I found that there is a difference, Old Shale uses an  18 stitch  repeat  whilst Feather and Fan is a 14 stitch repeat.

This site shows the difference between the two patterns.
Feather and Fan versus Old Shale

I love the Old Shale pattern so went with this, it is easy to do and looks lovely no fringe is needed and the overall look is just what I want.

I have made blankets with this pattern and even scarves and they all look different as I have used different yarns and colours. So as the pattern is so versatile I am using it again and make no apologises for doing so.