Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Life Foundation

I wanted to find a Charity that needed help in the UK and hunted around and found this Charity.

New Life

So I phoned them on the free phone number and a lovely lady answered and was happy to tell me what they needed. Basically anything I want to make from Baby items, toys, blankets ( afghans), hats, scarves and fingerless gloves. They also have a pattern to send out to you a toy Nurse that has its own Birth Certificate and you can name her yourself.
So I will have a go at it when I get it and see what I can do.
I love making toys so will dig out my Jean Greenhowe patterns and see what I have and make something for them.
They sell the items to get the money they need for families to cope with various things and get the help they need.
So knitting needles get ready you are going to clicking away making something special for New Life.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Innocent Smoothie hats

I have decided that whilst I am knitting squares I can also make hats for the Big Knit that will take place this year around October time ready for Age UK. The Big Knit

This is a lovely thing to do and the hats great fun to make.
Here are mine so far.



So 7 hats that will eventually be part of the BIG KNIT 2014. I bought two bottles of Innocent Smoothie so that I could not only have a nice drink but they are handy to make sure the hats fit with ease.
I like Piggy a lot and will try out different animals as they are fun. I will keep them in a bag and by the time the BIG KNIT comes around I should have a fair amount to send off.

I had a nice surprise in the post as this.
and inside the card  a personal message
That made my day  I did not expect to get this so it was a really nice surprise.

This was the other message in the card. It is always nice to know that people appreciate what you have done and for them to do this means a lot.

Bright and Bold Blanket

I signed up for the Knit a Block a Week challenge using the book 200 Knitted Blocks.
I wanted to make a blanket that would be colourful and have some structure to it, I found the blanket on page 24 and decided to make it.
So I have made a start and so far have two rows made up. I am sewing each square together as I go then each row that way it is less daunting than having to sew all the squares together at the end.

I am using these blocks 87, 120 and 132

BLOCKS 87 and 120
I am making the squares in different colours using the yarn that I have but keeping the continuity of the pattern.  I will be making all the same squares and keeping to the same colours throughout just in a different order. I have more of some colours than others and I do not want to buy in yarn so will mix and match as I go.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

14 Hats

I belong to Knitting Paradise forum and joined a KAL ( Knit Along) to 14 hats in 2014.
I chose to make hats for babies from tiny preemie to newborn. I have used up some more stash making them and enjoyed the challenge plus I have used new patterns and learnt to shape crowns in different ways.

The green and white one in the front looks odd but it is knitted in a rib pattern and stretches to fit the babies head, the tiny one in yellow next to it is for a tiny preemie baby all were easy to make as I used these  knitting patterns.

Wondersoft 8615 Stylecraft knitting pattern

UKHKA 50 knitting pattern

Lisa's Stars Hat patterns

Care Wear Patterns Perfect Preemie hat