Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Sands Blanket

Sands is a wonderful organisation offering comfort and support to those who have sadly lost their baby at birth or before.
Blankets are knitted and given to them for Memory boxes for the parents to keep.Sands and here is the link that has the patterns we use.Blanket patterns

I have started making them as I want to help people who have lost their baby. I lost mine in 1976  at 24 weeks , he sadly died in the womb and nothing like this existed then. Thankfully things are different today and if I can bring a little comfort by making a blanket it is worth the time and effort as I know all to well how it feels to lose a child like this.
This is my first blanket
More will be made and sent off to them so they can use them in their Memory boxes.


  1. Beautiful and well done on supporting such a fantastic organisation x

  2. What a lovely blanket. Beautifully made. And you are right - it will give huge comfort to a family at a time of sadness.