Monday, July 1, 2013

Change of plan for the Stash Buster Challenge

Ok I have changed the knitting pattern for the Stash Buster Challenge. I am not making an afghan anymore I will be making a shawl.
Now why the change?
Well I made a shawl for my friend in Texas and she loved it and I have been asked to make another one or if possible two.They will be for people who are undergoing Cancer treatment and will be used as a Comfort Shawl.
So the yarn I have will be used for this rather than the afghan I was making, yes a comfort blanket is always nice but the shawl can be used at any time.
I called my last one Sunday Comfort Shawl as my friend likes to read newspapers on a Sunday and relax.
These shawls will be called Comfort Shawls as they will be used for comfort. The pattern is a little different as they want a fringe to be added to them so I am using the pattern below.

I am using this pattern Honest Warmth Shawl
I used it for my friends shawl with DK yarn and used up a lot of stash making it so I know it works. I use 6mm needles and keep going until the needle is full of stitches and cast off. I have 40mm long needles and cable needles so I can either last time I used the straight needles and filled the needle until I could not fit another stitch onto it.
Koni's Shawl

So the plan is make a shawl for someone who needs a little bit of comfort at at time that really hard for them in their life.

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  1. That looks like a lovely shawl, Paula it also looks like it will take quite a bit of yarn so great for stash-busting you could always do the afghan later. :)