Saturday, November 16, 2013

Easy Brezzy Scarf

This pattern is so easy to do you end up with a scarf that is diagonal and very soft and lacy.

I used 7mm needles as I wanted the pattern to be very open and light it also means it knits up very quickly as well.
The yarn I used is DK but any yarn will do adjust the size of the needles to about 2 to 3 sizes larger than stated for the yarn weight if you want an open effect.

CO 36 stitches

Row 1:  K1, P1 to end

Row 2: P1, K1 to end

Row3: K1, P1 to end

Row 4: P1, K1 to end

Pattern Rows

Row 1:  K1, P1x2 ( Yo K2tog) repeat in ( ) to last 4 sts K1, P1x2

Row 2:  P1, K1x2 (Purl to last 4 sts) P1, K1 x2

Repeat Pattern rows until the scarf is as long as you want then add the first 4 rows and B.O

I said it was easy didn't I and it is. I used two colours alternating every second row I that way I did not have to cut off the yarn and tie it in again.
You can add tassels to the ends or a crochet edging, I used a shell crochet edging as I thought it would look nice. I used a white yarn to make the shell edge on one end and a red yarn for the shell edge on the other end.
The result is a soft light scarf that looks more complex than it really is. I had this pattern written down in my little book and cannot recall  where I found it as I did not record that information at the time.


  1. Thanks for the pattern. I will definitely knit this one. I like the way you used 2 colours without having to sew in the ends.

  2. It's lovely it looks so quick and easy too, thanks for the pattern I will have a go at this. :)