Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Prayer Shawl Pattern

I love making Prayer Shawls and have found some nice patterns but none that I thought was just what I wanted so I came up with a pattern that I liked.

Nutty Knitters Prayer Shawl

I used 5mm knitting needles
DK Yarn but Aran weight yarn would work as well just remember it will be wider and longer.

Cast on 105 stitches

Rows 1- 3   K3, P3 across the row

Row 4      * K1, YO,  K2tog  repeat from * across the row

Row 5      Knit across row

Rows 6-8   K3, P3 across row

Row 9       K2,  YO, K2 tog, * K1, YO, K2 tog repeat from * ending with YO K2tog

Row 10      Knit across row

Repeat these 10 rows until you have 7 holes

Then K3, P3 across every row until you have the length you want then repeat the first 10 rows again until you have 7 holes and cast off.

This makes a shawl that has a nice lace effect at both ends.

I used the basic pattern from the Shawl Ministry link is here Shawl Ministry
As I wanted a simple lace pattern I chose to with a basic pattern combining the two patterns created a lovely effect.
By having an odd number of stitches I always start every row with K3 this makes it nice and easy whislt watching TV in the evenings for the main body of the shawl.

This is what it looks like so far

Numbers and colours have meaning:
The number 3: Significance of Three

The Number 7: is the number of completion.

The colour White:  Colour Chart

So the Shawl will represent Healing, Love and Comfort, completion and protection all the things I wanted to add to the shawl.