Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Red Shawl/Lapghan

Okay so there was a change of plan the Old Shale stole is on hold, in fact unravelled . I got a message that someone needed a shawl that would not bee too big and could if possible be used as a lapghan as well. Something light but warm, tall order but not impossible.
Their favourite is Red, so I stopped knitting the Old Shale Stole ( good job I had not got that far with it) and unravelled what I had done.
I chose to go with the Prayer Shawl pattern of K3 P3 using 7mm needles so it would be soft and drape nicely.
I went with 114 stitches this meant every row started with a K3, much easier to keep track of.
By using 144 stitches on 7mm Needles and using DK yarn it meant the width is just over 36 inches so I knitted until I had a square then bound off.
I added a Shawl pin so that it can be easily fastened and stays put  the pin is made of wood so a nice natural touch to the shawl.
This is the result 
Shoulder  Prayer Shawl

Close up of the Shawl Pin

The shawl can be opened out and used as a lapghan or folded into a triangle to be worn as a shawl. Nice and simple but effective.
As for my Old Shale stole that can be made at a later date, I may even make myself a Shoulder Prayer Shawl/Lapghan from the yarn I have left over I rather like the look of it.
Next project a Cardigan.

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