Thursday, November 26, 2015

Garden and Tea cosies

I have been away for ages as I have had a lot going on. The garden needed a lot of attention and took up all summer to get it back under control
We grew this amazing Amazonian Lily and it has a wonderful scent then we had Nastitiums scrambling through the Wegilia bush

Colin ( my Husband ) tended the plants and we had a lovely crop of tomatoes as well as various herbs.
Strawberry plants provided deserts galore this year and slowly but surely the garden turned in to a jungle

It took us the rest of the summer and into autumn to get the garden back under control
It was worth every minute and now I can settle down to my crafting again.

I have been busy making Ta cosies for a friend in America. She loves a cup of tea and has a lovely teapot but no cosy. So I made her these.

Her pot is a 4-6 cup pot so I knitted this one as her kitchen is Green.

Then I made her this one
It is a thicker cosy and I added the rose on the top to give it a more personal touch and to brighten it up.
 I also made this one
Yes it is a tea cosy an Owl Tea Cosy. Why an owl? well she is a Harry Potter fan and what better than an owl. They are now on there way to her and I am hoping she will get them in time for Christmas.

I had some news a week ago that I was not expecting, I have Cataracts forming and Macular Degeneration. The cataracts will eventually be removed but even though it can be done any time they wait until they are 'ripe' and do them one at a time and you can wait 6 months between each eye being done. Macular Degeneration is different they can do nothing about it, however it takes a long time for it to rob you of your central vision. I will do all I can to help myself and still knit and craft, nothing is going to stop me even if I have to find new ways of doing things and take up a new crafting hobby. Life is a challenge and I am meeting it head on.

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