Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Life Foundation

I wanted to find a Charity that needed help in the UK and hunted around and found this Charity.

New Life

So I phoned them on the free phone number and a lovely lady answered and was happy to tell me what they needed. Basically anything I want to make from Baby items, toys, blankets ( afghans), hats, scarves and fingerless gloves. They also have a pattern to send out to you a toy Nurse that has its own Birth Certificate and you can name her yourself.
So I will have a go at it when I get it and see what I can do.
I love making toys so will dig out my Jean Greenhowe patterns and see what I have and make something for them.
They sell the items to get the money they need for families to cope with various things and get the help they need.
So knitting needles get ready you are going to clicking away making something special for New Life.

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