Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bright and Bold Blanket

I signed up for the Knit a Block a Week challenge using the book 200 Knitted Blocks.
I wanted to make a blanket that would be colourful and have some structure to it, I found the blanket on page 24 and decided to make it.
So I have made a start and so far have two rows made up. I am sewing each square together as I go then each row that way it is less daunting than having to sew all the squares together at the end.

I am using these blocks 87, 120 and 132

BLOCKS 87 and 120
I am making the squares in different colours using the yarn that I have but keeping the continuity of the pattern.  I will be making all the same squares and keeping to the same colours throughout just in a different order. I have more of some colours than others and I do not want to buy in yarn so will mix and match as I go.

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