Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meet Toby and Tina

I have two new characters to introduce you to Toby and Tina Bear. They have been made for the  Lincolnshire Police as they hand bears out to children who been in traumatic situations.

So meet Toby

He was knitted using the pattern for Teddies for Tragedies I gave him a waist as it helps small hands to grasp him easier. His scarf is sewn on at the back so it can not be lost.
 Teddy for Tragedies

Now meet Tina

She is what they call an Angel bear and very different from any bear I have ever knitted. You can find the pattern for these bears in the link below. This is an old post from November 2013 but I contacted the Police and they still accept bears but not putting out a public notice for them.
Angel Bear Patterns

I have never done the Loop stitch before so had to find out how to do it. There seems to be many different ways to accomplish this stitch and I found one that was easiest for me to do.
There are no spoken instructions with this video but I found this method the easiest to do

Here is another way of doing the Loop stitch, this link shows how to do the Loop stitch for Western and Continental knitters

So there are two more characters looking for someone to love them and one day I am sure they will be introduced to someone who will love them.
I always name my bears or any toy I make as I think a toy without a name is sad, yes I know it may be strange for a grown woman to name the toys but I am still a child at heart.


  1. Great Teddies Paula, I'm glad to see you managed the loopy ears they look great don't they. :)

  2. Love the bears. Thanks for the link to learn loop stitch, very timely for me as yesterday I borrowed a book from the library, I started knitting & found I need to use loop stitch, which I've not done before. The book doesn't give any instructions about it! I've got it sorted now, so thanks again, Vee x

    1. I am pleased the Loop stitch link helped. Like you I no idea how to do it but now we both have mastered something new.