Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Miracle Scarf

Mrs Miracle and call me Mrs Miracle films are favourites of mine for the Christmas season. On my hunt for an easy lace scarf that was a little different I found this pattern
Miracle scarf

I added a picot crochet edge to the two ends to finish it off.

The pattern is so easy to do as there are no purl stitches all you do is Garter stitch ( knit every row) Knit, YO (yarn over) K2tog ( knit 2 together) that is it so even a beginner can master it.

Close up of pattern

Picot croched edge to finish the ends off

 I have washed the scarf and this has relaxed the stitches and made the yarn even softer. I am not good at blocking and have often found washing the item helps in most, not all cases.

If you a quick you will see a glimpse of the scarf in this trailer
Trailer to Call me Mrs Miracle 

From the yarn that I had I was able to make a pair of fingerless gloves as well.

These hand warmers knit up quick and I made this pair in one evening including the sewing up and the picot edge. This is the pattern:  Eyelet Hand warmers

It may not be the same pattern as the scarf but it does have elements of it I added the picot edge to the top of the hand warmers to match the scarf.

The scarf and hand warmers are nice and soft and will be lovely to wear on a cold winters day.

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  1. I loved the edging tying them together The scarf and gloves are beautiful