Sunday, March 22, 2015


Yes I have been knitting Tulips and they are really easy to make.
So why Tulips? I hear you ask.The answer is simple I found a Charity quite by accident that needed people to knit for them and they wanted Tulips. The Charity is Knit A Tulip for ME  you can find out more here
Knit a Tulip.

I emailed them for the pattern and started knitting. Like I said they are easy to do and a great way to use up odd bits of stash that are not big enough for much else.

All of these will be sent off during the coming week and I will be making other things for a while.
I will need to find out how much postage it will cost before I make any more as I am finding postage expensive and will limit what I post.
So I am on the hunt for local Charities that may want some knitting done so I can either take it them on the bus or they can collect from me depending on where they are.
The Hospital as no need for any more baby blankets as they have a large amount the same goes for Chemo caps, shawls or blankets.
The Salvation Army may want scarves or blankets but have a lot at the moment so I am still looking a round.
The Cat Protection League may be a good idea and I have sent them an email.
I am sorting out a few patterns so I can decide my next project.