Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cat Blankets

With postage costs becoming more and more expensive I have had to cut back on what I make and send off.
Free post is fine but not many charities do this so I looked locally for anyone who wanted some knitted items.
The Hospital has enough baby blankets and chemo hats so that was not an option so I called the Cat Protection League.
Yes they wanted blankets and knitted mice so my needles were back in action.

I have made 3 blankets all different sizes.

This is the largest one

A medium sized blanket

This one is  15 inches square and could be used for a kitten or in a cat carrying basket.
Know all I need to do is make three mice to go with them and they will be ready for collection.
That is a huge plus no postage as they are happy to come and collect them. I am slowly using up my stash and making something useful with it as well.


  1. I must look into this. Both my cats came from Cat Protection. It would be nice to give them some blankets....even better if they collect. I agree that postage costs are becoming a problem.

  2. Excellent idea, well done xx postage is high I totally agree, still wanting to help but trying to find local or Freepost can also be difficult so well done on finding this and for the idea - lovely blankets can't wait to see the mice ! Xx

  3. Lovely blankets Paula and even better that they are going to be collected. :)