Sunday, July 19, 2015

For a Friend

I met a lovely lady through Sparkpeople and we met a little while ago and have stayed in contact. She has kindly sent me yarn a while back so I could knit baby blankets for the baby unit in my Hospital.
She is such a lovely lady and I count her as a good friend. Sadly she has undergone two operations for Breast Cancer after a lump was discovered during a Mammogram it was too deep for her to feel it. Thankfully after these two operations they were able to get a clear result now she will start Radiotherapy treatment on Tuesday 20th July 2015.
I have sent her little gifts during this difficult time as a way of showing I care and sending her emails and cards to brighten her day.
So as she is to start this phase of her treatment I made these.

This is a simple little keyring that I made by casting on 30 stitches and working in stocking stitch until I thought it was wide enough and bound off. I used a little wooden heat button to sew onto the ribbon that also holds it together, then I sewed this to the keyring. I made it from cotton yarn as it holds its shape better.

This is a little heart mascot also made in cotton yarn  Little Hearts
I added a mouth and a loop at the top. The loop is there for my friend to put over her finger so she can hold the little heart in the palm of her hand.
This is the back of the heart mascot
I know it will bring a smile to her face and that is what it was made for a little reminder she is thought about with love and a simple way to make her smile even though she will be nervous and the treatment will make her feel ill.
I may not be able to be with her but at least she knows I care. I also sent her a card with a tea bag in an envelope inside the card so she have a cup of tea with me.