Saturday, August 1, 2015

Early knitting for Christmas

Yes Christmas knitting has begun and I have one scarf done and one on the needles.

This is the first scarf completed

This is the pattern close up it is such an easy pattern to do and knits up so quickly.

I had some yarn that I liked but was not keen on how it knitted up I also had two lots 4ply yarn ( 1 yellow, 1 white) that I wanted to use up, so I wound all three yarns together to create one ball of yarn. This made the yarn a Chunky or Bulky yarn.
I found this pattern on Ravelry

Grandma's Curtains Scarf 

 To complete the scarf I did a single crochet row all the way around to neaten the edges. I also added a fringe and knotted each strand of the fringe so it will only fray up the  knot.

This is the second scarf that I started using two strands of yarn held together one is multi coloured yarn the other a pink. Again I wound it into one ball so it is easy to use.
The pattern is here
 One row lace scarf

Using  10mm needles the scarf grows really quickly. I have been knitting whilst listening to an audio book of H.G Wells war of the Worlds and it is already 32 inches at chapter 13.
I will have this scarf finished this weekend making two scarves done ready for Christmas.
Then onto the third which will take longer to knit as it a different pattern 

The Manly Scarf 

There are two versions of this scarf and I will be using version 1 the scarf will be for my Brother.

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