Friday, March 29, 2013

Knit the Knit Purl the Purl

As a  novice knitter some instructions are baffling. They may be written to make the pattern less lengthy but it often means you have no idea what they are on about.
Knit the knit and purl the purl is one of these.
What does it mean? and how can you tell what you are supposed to do?
Have a look here; Knit the Knit Purl the Purl

So look at the stitches below and you will see which stitch you are supposed to do.
That means Purl the knit and knit the purl means you do the opposite to the stitches below as you would in basket weave stitch Basket weave stitch

So mystery solved it is not as hard as it first sounds, so now that I have this figured out it opens up a few more patterns that I avoided before.

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