Monday, March 4, 2013


I wanted to make a Teddy to go with the stripey blanket I had made so I made this little chap


A simple knitted Teddy with a difference he is stripped and very colourful in red and  peacock blue. I embroidered his face so it is safe and will not have anything that baby can pull out.
I washed him as well as I do all my toys in Fairy so it is nice and safe for delicate skin.
It also means I get a chance to make sure the toys keep their shape and are colour fast. The yarn I use states it is colour fast but I like to make sure.

The Pattern for this teddy is in old book by Jean Greenhowe

Knitted Toys I have had the book a while now and have made several items from it and all turn out well.

So little Oddbod is ready and waiting to be given to his new owner in June.

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