Sunday, August 3, 2014

Frogs and Bags

I finished knitting my Frogs and made them bags as well. Fred and Freda frog along with their bags will be posted off to Siblings Together this week.

Meet Fred and Freda Frog
Fred with his own little bag

Freda with her little bag

I decided to knit bags for each frog so they can be stored away and carried with ease. I created the pattern for the bags myself they were easy to make and I think look rather nice as well.

Bag Pattern
I used two strands of DK yarn held together mixing the yarns creates a nice effect as you knit.

Needles: 5mm

Co on 40 stitches

Garter stitch for 6 rows

Stocking stitch for 6 rows but K2 at start and end of the Purl row this stops it from curling and gives a nice edge when it sewing the sides up.

Continue with these rows alternating the Garter and Stocking stitch rows until it is long enough to cover the frog easily for Fred it was 15 inches long ending with 6 rows of Garter stitch

To create the flap this is done in Stocking stitch throughout you do not K2 this time on the purl rows.
Stocking stitch 6 rows 
Next row Decrease 2 at start of every row only.
You will K2 together on the Knit rows and Purl 2 together on the Purl rows but only at the start of each row.
Do this until you have 22 stitches and Bind Off

With right sides together sew up the side seams. Turn right sides out.
For the fastening make a plait and sew this onto the flap at the bottom to form a loop. I made three and added three buttons.

Making the handle
For this you will make I-cord
This was made by holding two strands of yarn together and use Double Pointed needles I used cable stitch needles as they were thicker and easier to use.
CO the 2 stitches
Slip the stitches to end of the needle and Knit the stitches then slide them to the end of the needle and knit you keep doing this until you the length you need.

I attached the I-cord at the corner of flap at the fold over bit and poked it through the knitting this is a little hard to do. Then I tied it in place and knotted it doing the same on the other side.

For Freda's bag I decided to make the pattern a little different. Still holding 2 strands together.
Garter stitch 2 rows
Stocking stitch 4 rows 
This time I made it 13 inches long and repeated the pattern for the flap.
It was 13 inches long this time as I was slowly running out of yarn and wanted enough for the I-cord it still covered the frog so was not a problem. I made the flap a little longer by decreasing until I had 18 stitches and added two buttons this time.

Fred's Bag

Freda's Bag

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