Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sibol Afghan completed

So the blanket is all finished and I am quite pleased with it and will be posting it off later this week.

The patch is a pocket with a butterfly on it so the person who gets it will have place to put a tissue or something similar in it.

The butterfly is facing the person who will use the blanket so I took the photo to show it as the person will see it.

I added a simple crochet shell edging to the blanket to finish it off,  it has created a sort of ruffle edge that I hope will make it look a little different.

This is the pattern for the butterfly
Easy Butterfly

I used 4ply yarn on 3.75mm needles I can change the size easily by changing needle size and can play around with the stitch count as well but this one filled the pocket nicely so I was pleased with it.

I will see how much it costs to post before I commit to making a lot of afghans. I will make a shawl for Sibol and see what that costs to post as well. I can always make butterflies to send to them and may do that and make one or two larger items as cost will be a big factor. I am not being mean saying that I have to watch what I spend.  Like most people these days I am on a tight budget and being on Pension Credits means I am careful what I spend on postage. I will try this site Parcel 2 go
Most of the things I make are small so postage is not that much, a lot of things are sent Free post and some things are given to local charities so I can take them there.

My next project is making ducks a nice small project that will be knitted up quickly.


  1. Lovely afghan. I find that it is cheaper to use the Royal Mail if I am just posting one blanket. I have to be careful about the size of the box and the overall weight, but I usually pay on ly £2.80 per blanket.

  2. Thanks that is very helpful. I will see if I can get it into a padded envelope as it is not huge and should fit nicely. I always put things in a plastic bag first for added protection.