Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lace Scarf and Hand warmers

Christmas is getting closer so time to knit a few items as gifts something easy but pretty for the ladies and something masculine for the gents.
So my first project is Lace scarf and hand warmers. I wanted to find a fairly easy pattern that still looked special, tall order as most lace patterns that have more of a design tend to have a lot of rows to count. I wanted an easy pattern that would be a no more than a four row repeat.
The hunt was on and I found lots that were nice but did not quite fit the bill, then I recalled a pattern that I had been given by an old lady who sadly is no longer alive her name was Sue.
She had sent me loads of stitch patterns and I have used a lot of them but not the lace knitting pattern she had sent me.
I met her during a swap on a knitting forum we often wrote to each other (snail mail) as she loved getting real letters. It was always a surprise when I got her letters as she would add stitch patterns that she liked and added a small gift as well little things like a new row counter, place markers or some point stoppers all of which I still use.
So I went to my trusty journal and found the pattern that Sue had sent me for a lace scarf and tried it out perfect just what I wanted, Thank you Sue your pattern is just right and the yarn I am using looks nice in this pattern.

So the pattern is this:

Needles 5mm
Yarn DK

SK2P = Slip 1 K2tog Pass slip stitch over

CO 46 stitches

Row 1: K3 Purl to last 3 sts Knit

Row 2: K3 * YO, K 1, SK2P, YO K1 repeat from* end K3

Row 3: K3 Purl to last 3 sts Knit

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until scarf is a long as you want it to be.
End with a Purl row and Bind off
I am slipping the first stitch on every row and kniting last stitch throgh back loop to give a neater edge.

Okay this is not a great picture and just the first few rows, I will add another picture as the scarf grows but I think you will get an idea of what the pattern is like.

The Hand warmers may be from a pattern I have used before it is nice and easy to do and the warmers look pretty as well
Like Lace Hand warmers

Not the same pattern but will still look nice with the scarf as they will be made in the same yarn.
I could try making the hand warmers using the same pattern but will have to lessen the amount of stitches to 36. I could add lace cuff then  stocking stitch then a few lace rows stocking stitch again and rib at the top. I will play around and see what it looks like. It would be nice to have matching patterns so I will see what I can do.
I think the lace pattern calls for an even amount of stitches so reducing to 36 should work, well I hope so.

 I give up my cat Dylan decided the scarf was perfect for him to not only unravel but to chew through the yarn as he played with  it. I found it when I got uo he had dragged it out of the bag, he has never done that before.
He has the look of 'I told you I did not like it so there'  So half way through the scarf it is all ruined and I do not have the heart to start it again. So I am going to make a different scarf. Not sure what yet as I don't feel like doing a lace one again. I am off to hunt the patterns.

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