Monday, September 22, 2014

My Gifts and New Scarf started

Well my husband Colin came up trumps with my birthday gifts. I had hinted at a new bag and storage for my crochet hooks and cable needles with the possibility of some bamboo knitting needles.
The cases for crochet hooks are expensive so I was looking at spectacle cases as I was sure they would be large enough for the job.
So when I got all this for my birthday I was really pleased.

A new bag, Colin had found a bag that allowed you to choose the name you wanted to it. He chose The Nutty Knitter as it is the name of my blog.

This roll was something I had not expected and was thrilled to see it contained
Bamboo needles and they are lovely, nice and smooth and so feel nice to handle.

Spectacle cases that now contain

Cable needles and double pointed needles

Crochet hooks and stitch holders housed neatly.

I transferred the scarf I am knitting to my new bamboo needles and love them they are light and smooth and no more metallic clicking.
Now for the scarf.
 I love the films Mrs Miracle and Call me Mrs Miracle so when I was hunting for a simple pattern I was really happy to find this one.
Miracle Scarf

If you want a scarf that has no purl stitches and looks pretty then try this, it is easy to do and looks lovely as well. So I will have a Miracle scarf when it is done and will see if I have enough yarn for some fingerless gloves to go with it as well.

All in all a great birthday and I have just what I wanted and Colin did really well getting me a bag that is so personal. It now contains my folder with patterns in it that I want to knit, the cases I got along with the bamboo needle roll and my knitting project, perfect everything is now to hand and neat and tidy.

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