Thursday, May 29, 2014

Block Frenzy

I have been knitting blocks each evening to have a break from knitting larger projects.

This is block 55 Polpero nice and easy to do but it curls a bit not that this matters as it will be sewn to other blocks eventually.

Christmas Stripes Block 57 would lend itself nicely to all sorts of colour combinations. I love the Double Decrease now that I have mastered it and like the way it creates a line down the middle.

This is Block 84 Beaded Leaf. As my beads are rather large I altered the amount of beads so they sit neatly on the leaf.

This is Block 40 Deepdale it looks quite effective in the pale Lilac yarn I chose.

Block 197 Harris. I started this on 4mm needles and soon found it was smaller than the other squares so started again using 5mm needles and adjusted the amount the of rows to suit. In the picture it looks rather oblong but it is the same size as the other squares. I went with red and pink and the pattern shows up well with this combination.

This is block 189 Oblique Stripe. I enjoy knitting this type of square as it sits flat and is real TV knitting just a simple increase and decrease.

So 6 more blocks to put away until I am ready to start sewing or crocheting them together, not sure yet which method I will use but will sort that out later. I will need a lot more blocks before I start sorting them out to make a blanket. My Brother may get this one for Christmas so not sure about how big to make it yet, it may end up as a large afghan or to go across the bottom of the bed. I will add a border as well to finish it off there are some lovely patterns in the book for borders so I may use one of them.

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  1. Lovely blocks Paula you are doing so well with them. :)