Friday, May 23, 2014

Firseside Shawl

I cannot believe that I have finished my shawl already it was so easy to knit up and grew really fast.
The pattern uses garter stitch throughout and as long as you can yarn over and knit through the back loops a great pattern for  beginners.
Fireside Shawl

As this is a Vintage pattern I was worried about the yarn I would need to use but after asking the knitting experts in a yarn shop I went with the yarn to suit the needle size.
Needle size worked out to be 6mm
Yarn suitable for size of needle was Aran

I wanted the shawl to be a little wider than in the pattern so used 7.5mm needles so I could still use the recommended amount of stitches.
This is the result

Shawl shown lengthwise
The bands are 20 rows garter stitch and 12 rows lace pattern
As I will be using the shawl in the garden a lot I took a picture of it in the garden hanging it over the Rosemary to show the pattern as it will be worn.

I like tassels on my shawls and went with 9 on each end.

I bought myself a shawl pin that I thought would look nice with this shawl.

This is the brand of yarn I used and is really nice to work with.
The colour is a sort of Oatmeal nice and light and will go with anything.
The yarn is a blend of 75% Acrylic and 25% New wool and is soft and works up well.

The length in the pattern states 72 inches, my shawl is 66inches and is long enough for me. I used up all the yarn and had just enough for the tassels. I could not go out and buy more yarn as this was given to me and was put away until I could find a pattern I thought would look nice using it.

Now I will try the next Vintage pattern I want to make
This one will be a deep red in DK yarn again I have 400g to work with so will see how it knits up and how long I can get it with this amount of yarn. As it is a more complex but still fairly easy pattern if that is not a contradiction, I will be knitting some square's as well to give myself a break every so often.


  1. Well done on finishing your shawl already Paula it's fabulous. :)

  2. Your shawl pin is lovely and so is the shawl.