Friday, May 16, 2014

Fish Blanket

Well I have managed to get the blanket finished and I am quite pleased with it.
Here is the link for the pattern. A Recipe for Fish

The fish are nice and easy to make and I have mastered SSK as well Know I now most of you will know how to do Slip Slip Knit (ssk). I have seen it in lots of patterns but was put off as I was not sure how to do it. As the Fish are small I found it less daunting to try something new, so I hunted around on YouTube and found a method I found easiest for me. The link below is the way I do SSK.
How To SSK

Now the only problem was I forgot to slip the stitches knit wise and slipped them purl wise as I am used to slipping stitched as if to purl. I realised my mistake after doing several fish but as it looks okay I carried, I don't suppose it matters with such a small item but I must remember that ssk means slip stitches as it to knit.

Joining the fish was a puzzle at first so I experimented and decided to use 4ply yarn as it is less bulky. Then I experimented with various methods of crocheting them together until I was happy with the result.
I did the basic crochet slip stitch.
How to crochet slip stitch
The only difference with mine is I chained one after doing the slip stitch and joined the fish so the join is on the right side holding the fish wrong sides together.
Each strip is created joining the fish top to tail so they fit together. When that is done you join the long strips together. You do need to plan each strip as you need to join the row below head to head and tail to tail. I added the colours at random creating a patchwork effect.

The end result is a colourful blanket that was both easy and fun to make. I also learnt two new things, how to ssk and how to join items using crochet.

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