Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shawls and Fish Blanket

I cannot believe it has been a month since I posted anything here but then I have been really busy.

Two shawls cranked out and ready to be given  as gifts  and trust me my needles have been flying.

This is  the Old Shale pattern I called it My Shell stole. Now the thing is I was given the pattern by an elderly lady years ago and it was written down so I hunted the Internet and found the pattern  if you wanted to you could try it for yourself. It seems to be called Feather and Fan today but this is the pattern I have that was written down.
Feather and Fan pattern

I had some aran weight yarn that just begged to be knitted up into this stole the colours do not show up well but it has a lovely lilac, pink and fawn colouring.

My other shawl was rather different and to be honest I am not entirely sure I like it.
Less is More Shawl

The think is it has one long side and two shorter ones anyway I knitted it up as I was asked to make it and it came out okay.
Back of shawl

Front of the shawl I was asked to add red and black beads around the edging and chose to go with a crotchet edge and crotcheted  in the beads. I have never done this before so was really pleased with the end result. A long Picot edging chaining 6 bringing the bead to the top of the hook and going into the fist fist chain and working the picot as usual. It is in three shades of yellow and white.

Now for the Fish Blanket.
A Recipe for Fish

This is fun to make and I have made one strip so far and it will be heading off to someone who loves fish so I am making it bright and colourful.

 12 Fish in total in a row topped and tailed

They are so easy and quick to knit I pick a colour at random and knit it up into a fish.

I have joined then together using a crotchet slip stitch with a chain one between each slip stitch. I used 4ply yarn so it is less chunky looking in white to keep it looking bright and cheerful.
I have never joined anything using crotch before so  I have learned something new.

At the moment the squares are on hold as I have a lot of stuff to make.

After this I have 3 shawls to make but thankfully they are not needed until later in the year but if I can get them made I can put them away until they are needed.
Problem is I have to find the yarn weights as they are Vintage patterns.
Lacy Shawl
This I think is DK but I could be wrong

Elegance Shawl  
I think this is a 4ply knitted on larger needles but not sure

Fireside shawl
This one could be aran weight yarn.

So I am asking around to see if anyone has an idea as the yarn weights needed they will be Prayer shawls and I love the patterns but want to get the yarn weights as close as possible.


  1. Really like your Old Shale shawl!! Just beautiful!

    1. Thank you it is the first time I tried this pattern